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     My name is Khorvash Khayati, known as Coline. I’m a passionate animation artist with more than 8 years professional work experience in industry. Nominated for Annie Awards 2017. MFA degree in Film and Animation from RIT, NY.

In addition, my independent film 'Beauty Or Love' is selected for Asifa East screening in New York City in 2017.

    Have worked for Bleacher Report animated series for about two years.

     I worked at Plymptoons animation studio in NYC, on animated feature film and animated shorts and advertisments for TV such as ESPN, FOX,... 

     Also I worked at Hoorakhsh Animation Studios, on "The Last Fiction" animated feature film. Awards winning at Annecy and Cannes film Festivals in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Please watch the trailer of the film at the animation page of my website.

     My background is Graphic Design and Painting, therefore I have very strong drawing, design and painting skills. I work and draw more than 15 hours a day without feeling tired. :) 

     I’m fast learner and talented. Also, I'm super motivated and problem solver, with good sense of humor. Great in work with team. 

    You're very welcome to contact me via the "contact me" option in the menue or my Instagram or my proffessional LinkedIn page. :)

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